The Miller Family History

A rich heritage...

Miller 3 GenerationsIn 1920, John C. Miller began working for Diebold Company, eventually serving as Superintendant of Bank Vault Erection. His sons Harry, James, & Maurice traveled with, and assisted him around the country. Many of the vaults he built are still in use today.

His son, Harry, later became a lock inventor and legendary safe cracker. Known primarily to locksmiths and practitioners in the safe and vault industry as the inventor who created the manipulation-proof lock after World War II, he was much more, both as a person and a professional.

During his lifetime, Harry Miller was recognized by every organization of significance to his peers. His accolades include being named to the Safe & Vault Technicians Hall of Fame; being recognized by the National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association(now FSPA) for 20 years of support; receiving the Associated Locksmiths of America's Lifetime Achievement Award; being acknowledged at the top of his career by the American Society for Industrial Security(ASIS); being named a 50-year recipient of the St. Duston Award; being honored with the Philadelphia Award from the venerable Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association; and being presented with the Key to the White House by the Technical Security Division of the United States Secret Service.

Harry's renowned, timeless manipulation techniques are taught at LSI today, where his son, Clay Miller, LSI President and founder of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association and a multiple patent holder, continues to pass the knowledge on to the next generation of master locksmiths.

LSI, the security industry’s leading educational facility builds security leaders for private industry, the federal government and every area of law enforcement with classes ranging from hands-on technical training to covert operations training.

Join us and be a part of the rich LSI family tradition in the security industry!

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