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Two Companies Emerge - Lockmasters and LSI

April 20, 2008

Lockmasters, Inc. was founded in 1955 by the legendary Harry C. Miller for the purpose of educating the world in safe lock work. Harry is most famous for being one of the originators of modern combination lock manipulation techniques, which began his lifelong love for education. By starting Lockmasters, Harry shook-up the safe & vault industry because most technicians hid their trade secrets: Harry shared them all.

One of his best students was his son, J. Clayton Miller, who followed in his father’s footsteps as both an inventor and educator. Clay, too, became President of Sargent & Greenleaf in 1976 and then purchased Lockmasters, Inc. from Harry in 1980. Clay, an inventor at heart, conceived and developed a multitude of security devices including the Mas Hamilton X-07 and holds in excess of 20 patients. Under Clay’s direction, Lockmasters expanded beyond training and began to develop and distribute tools & hardware to the United States Government and private industry.

Lockmasters Security Institute, the educator’s dream, is a college accredited security institute that trains United States Military and Government personnel as well as individuals in the private sector. Lockmasters, Inc., the inventor’s dream, is a complete hardware and equipment catalog sales company that offers everything a technician needs.

In 2001, Clay appointed his son, Mark C. Miller, President of Lockmasters, Inc. This was only fitting as Mark grew up at both his grandfather’s and father’s side. He inherited their pioneering spirit and charismatic personality while excelling at product development. Clay again focused his attention to his father’s work in education and expanded LSI’s curriculum to include a variety of much needed Anti-Terrorism and Physical Security Training courses.

2005 welcomed Lockmasters’ 50th Anniversary and we see history repeating itself: two companies emerge and a new era begins. A father, Clay Miller, sells a portion of his company, Lockmasters, Inc. to his son, Mark Miller. Mark proudly becomes the owner and CEO of Lockmasters, Inc. and Clay remains the owner and CEO of Lockmasters Security Institute. One company is now two companies with the same goal – to be the best in their respective fields.



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