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LSI Reorganized 2008

June, 2008


Lockmasters Security Institute Company Re-organization

Nicholasville, Kentucky, 5/15/08

Former Department of Defense Lock Program Director, Eric Elkins, has been appointed as Vice President of Lockmasters Security Institute.

Mr. Elkins retired from federal service with 29 years of experience working with locking systems and security hardware. He joined the Security Engineering Division of the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory in July of 1984. While there he gained experience managing projects, developing security hardware, and testing equipment. He also participated on the F-12 committee of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) for several years and was a long time member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Mr. Elkins was promoted to Director of the Department of Defense Lock Program in 1991. Lock Program highlights during his tenure include development of several security products, successful retrofit of 150,000 combination locks DoD wide, and the development and operation of the DoD Lock Program Field Support Program. He also participated on the Interagency Advisory Committee for Security Equipment (IACSE), Storage Equipment and Locking Systems (SEALS) Subcommittee from 1991 to 2007, holding the position of subcommittee chairman for the last 6 years of his involvement.

Mr. Elkins was the driving force behind moving the General Services administration (GSA) Equipment Test Program, from the Army at Ft. Meade, MD to the Navy at Port Hueneme, CA. He set up the structure and provided oversight for this program, which is now nationally recognized for capability and excellence.

Deanna DeBorde, has been promoted to position of the Director of Education & Marketing with LSI. For almost a decade, Deanna has been the Education Coordinator, handling governmental and corporate contracting, and class scheduling. As the company has restructured, in her new position she will manage all aspects of curriculum development, scheduling, instructional resources, as well as, manage the efforts of the Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Sales Departments. Ms. Deborde continues to be the primary corporate and public relations contact for LSI.

Following graduate school Deanna managed workers compensation cases and work rehab for 7 years before moving to the health education field. There she coordinated and conducted community health programs, as well as, managing occupational health cases. Ms. Deborde graduated from East TN State University in 1990 with an M.Ed. in her chosen field.

Nils Fornell joined LSI in October of 2007 and will bring his background of Mechanical Design, Automation Technologies and Project Management to the group. He has an extensive industrial background of Materials, Machine Design and Process Development that will complement the skill sets already in-house at LSI. Currently the Research and Development group has seven employees working on a large variety of projects not only for internal development but also for a long list of specialized customers. We have the ability to go from initial concept, Mechanical, Electrical and Software design to fabrication all within the walls of LSI. This allows for a high level of security for the projects we work on and the customers we do work for.

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For more than 50 years, Lockmasters Security Institute has been at the forefront of security education. A wide range of intensive, college-accredited courses draw students from the security industry, armed services, federal and state government, state and local police agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies. All of our instructors are experienced security professionals as well as highly skilled teachers, conducting classes both in our state-of-the-art educational facility as well as across the U.S. and around the world. The Institute’s Museum of Physical Security also houses one of the most extensive lock collections in the world.



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