LSI Services

Security Audits

We have a staff of over 70 security consultants that are Subject Matter Experts in every aspect of security. The team members that conduct Port or Vessel Audits have met the qualifications for Vessel - Company - Port Facility Security Officers, as required by the ISPS Code and have been trained by The Captain School.

Security Surveys and Inspections

Lockmasters Security Institute (LSI) has been in the security business since 1955.
Our customers are from all branches of the United States military, government agencies, law enforcement and many Fortune 500 companies.

Each audit will contain an assessment of the following areas in accordance
with the ISPS Code and applicable US CFR requirements:

• Security administration and organization of the facility;
• Personnel training;
• Drills and exercises;
• Records and documentation;
• Response to change to MARSEC Level;
• Procedures for interfacing with vessels;
• Declaration of Security (DoS);
• Communications;
• Security systems and equipment maintenance;
• Security measures for access control, including designated public access areas;
• Security measures for restricted areas;
• Security measures for handling cargo;
• Security measures for delivery of vessel stores and bunkers;
• Security measures for monitoring; and
• Security incident procedures

Mr. Thomas Woodall is Team Leader and brings with him an extensive background including 40 years of experience and over 10,000 security assessments. As the Director of Security for the U.S. General Services Administration, Tom was responsible for protection of 7000 facilities in the U.S. and abroad. After leaving government employment, Tom was responsible for conducting numerous oil refinery Physical Security surveys to assess compliance with federal “security of critical infrastructure” regulations. He has also conducted security assessment/surveys and developed risk management programs for one of the largest global financial institution in the world and a leading global shipper.

Cost estimates will be provided as requested, and are dependent upon size of the location, complexity of the project and travel expenses. Please give us a call for more information at 866.574.8724.

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