LSIeCourse Refund Policy


Taking an online course is much like opening software, except that our system can track what you have viewed, and what you have downloaded.

In addition to the terms below, there is an administration fee associated with all online courses of $35.00. This fee is built into the course cost listed and will not be refunded for any reason of cancellation on the part of the student or **LSI.

LSI will refund the enrollment fee under the following conditions:

If you have not started module number 2 in any course and if you have not downloaded any of the adjoining pdf materials beyond what is supplied with the first module of any course. The full amount minus $35.

If you have downloaded any other materials whatsoever beyond module number one, LSI is not obligated to refund any amount.

Information supplied in this course is to be held in the highest regard and not for general public knowledge. Tracking mechanisms may be embedded in PDF and other materials to ascertain a computer's IP address.

**LSI reserves the right to cancel a student if the student has disregarded the LSI enrollment policy on which states:

"LSI POLICY- In order to be enrolled in any of our online courses, you must be:
-- 18 years of age
-- A US citizen
-- Have No felony convictions

When you pay for a course, the transaction system wil send you, and the LSIeCourse Administrator an email. At that time the admin. will enter your information into the system.

You will be sent an email within 24 business hours with login access.
If you wish to be notified via phone, please write instructions in the comments box at checkout. - NOTIFY BY PHONE! -

LSI Business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday EST

866-574-8724 or email:

For existing students contact:

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