Post 9/11 GI Bill Information

Congratulations to all our students who've served in the military. We're honored to be able to help out with life changing opportunities.

Feel free to contact us for more information, but this will help you get started.

Have you ever recieved VA Education benefits?

If YES, complete form 22-1995 to request change of program or place.

If NO, complete form 22-1990 to apply for VA education benefits.

You are now ready to enroll in an LSI course.

The areas of training we cover in our 5 to 10 day courses are expected to grow by 22% over the next nine years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On October 1, 2012, LSI courses were approved for the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, including Basic Housing Allowance (BAH).

Lockmasters Security Institute, Inc. is offering the following programs that are approved for the enrollment of veterans, reservists, servicepersons, and other eligible persons with the GI Bill :

Safe and Lock Technician
Security Management Coordinator

These programs are approved under the provisions of Chapters 30, 32, 33 and 35, Title 38, U.S. Code; and Chapters 1606 and 1607, Title 10, U.S. Code which are part of the Montgomery GI Bill.

You can attain skills for a new career within a matter of weeks!

For more information contact Deanna at or call 866.574.8724

PDF LSI Enrollment Form: Includes Consent Release for Background Check

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