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  1. Are all of your courses taught at the LSI institute?
  2. What dates are your classes taught?
  3. How long are your courses?
  4. How much do your courses cost?
  5. What do I get with the course?
  6. How long has LSI been training?
  7. Does LSI just train locksmiths?
  8. In what areas do you offer training?
  9. What about privacy?
  10. If I pay for a course and I can't attend, is there a refund?
  11. How do I contact LSI?
  12. Is Your web site safe and/or information transmission secure?
  13. What methods of payment do you accept for enrollment?
  14. Do I have to pay the One-Time enrollement fee if I 've already been?
  15. Do I have to fill out the enrollment form if I 've already been?
  16. What certifications are available?

Are all of your training courses taught at the LSI institute? NO, we teach our courses at military installations and businesses all over the world. If you would like to have a LSI course taught at your business, or you have questions concerning our complete courses, schedules, or enrollment, please Contact Us
We have 2 locations: LSI in Nicholasville, Kentucky and Annapolis Junction, Maryland

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How often are your courses taught and for what? Our courses are scheduled at various times throughout the year. A schedule for each course is posted on the web page. You will also find a complete schedule for all courses on our Course Schedule Page.

How long are your courses? Our courses range from 2 - 10 days, depending on the course. You will find the length for each course on web page of each course.

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How much do your courses cost? Custom courses vary in price, as to what is included, however discounts are commonly negotiated in on contract. Also, Please call us if you have multiple individuals attending where price breaks also may be available from us and the lodging establishments.

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What do I get with the course?

Each course varies in the amount of hands-on training, supplies, materials and tools that is given each student. Each course will have one or more manuals and other materials. Many of the courses have kits that are customized for that particular course and some are quite extensive. Most allow a transition into the real-world.

How long has LSI been training?

LSI was founded in 1955 by Harry C. Miller, a legend in the security industry. It remains the most respected training institute in the industry. LSI has been offering courses in security and locksmith training since 1955, keeping current with all technological and government regulatory changes. Currently LSI sees many thousands of highly skilled individuals graduate each year. We still maintain class size limits in order to better train our students. Here is a brief history.

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Does LSI just train locksmiths?

No. LSI offers a wide range of security management courses as well as technical courses. After all, security is our middle name.

While we train America's finest, all branches of the U.S. Military, as well as Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies, our training is also available to small and medium size companies or individuals with proper credentials.

The combination of hands-on technical training and security management courses provides an opportunity for security education available only at LSI.

In what areas do you offer training?

We offer courses in Physical Security and Technical Locksmithing both in-facility and on location. LSI also develops custom courses for groups requiring specific crossover and/or hybrid training, such as certain areas of the government and military. More information is available on individual course pages and the links below. Please call for your specific needs.

We also offer certain courses online at

What about privacy?

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If I pay for a course and I can't attend, is there a refund?

Yes. The complete instructions on enrollment refunds are outlined in our refund policy.
A refund policy is also avalable for our online courses.

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How do I contact LSI?

Lockmasters Security Institute ™
1014 South Main St., Nicholasville, KY 40356
(859) 887-9633
Fax (859) 887-0810

Should you have questions, you may also use our contact page, Contact Us.


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Is your web Site secure for information transmission or viewability free from virus or other problems?

With best current practices - Yes. In addition, no data that you can transmit is stored online.

All site data is protected using the most advanced methods available. We take every precaution to protect our users information. When users submit sensitive information via our web site, it merely passes to another portal and location not shown on WHOIS data and not visible to prying eyes(or software). The end location of information to us is protected both online and off-line.

While we use SSL encryption and other methods to protect sensitive information online or in transmission, we also do everything in our power to protect user-information off-line. All of our users information, not just the sensitive information mentioned above, is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment. A great deal of infomation here does not go to computer. That may sound antiquated, but it purposefully is!

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What methods of payment do you accept for enrollment?

We accept all major credit cards, company and personal checks, purchase orders, and Government Purchase Orders. We also accept money orders, U.S. only.


You may also be eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill or other financial aid.

For more information on payments, Please call us. 1-866.574.8724

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  1. Do I have to pay the One-Time enrollement fee if I 've already been?

NO. The one-time enrollment fee" is for your initial verification and processing fees.

  1. Do I have to fill out the enrollment form if I 've already been?

NO. If you have previously filled out an enrollment form with us, you need not fill out another one.

What certifications are available?

Through our affiliationswe offer accredited certificates in:

• Safe and Lock Technician Certificate
• Security Management Coordinator Certificate

As always, LSI continues to offer the most sought after industry certifications. All of our courses provide our students with the certifications they need to succeed in their chosen field. Some offer additional certifications from
LaGard and

and others

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