World Class Instructors

We're justly proud of our instructors at LSI. What sets them apart is a rare combination of practical, real-world security experience and a lively, engaged teaching style influenced by years of classroom experience.

Our Security Division instructors are former Federal or State level senior security and law enforcement professionals. Their experience ranges from U.S. Secret Service, the National Security Agency (NSA), the General Services Administration (GSA), Law Enforcement and Security, the Department of Defense, the Postal Inspection Service and Federal Protective Services.

The instructors in our Technical Division have decades of experience meeting the real-life challenges of locksmithing -- essential in teaching LSI's brand of hands-on education. They are authors, inventors and award-winning instructors that have trained LSI students worldwide.

LSI Technical Services Instructors

Brandon K. Powell
Technical Instructor

As a Marine Corps veteran, Brandon was first introduced to Lockmasters' family through our school using his Post 9-11 VA benefits. Utilizing these new skills, he opened his own lock shop which currently serves the southern Kentucky Region. His shop specializes in lockouts, residential and commercial locking systems, safe work and restricted master keying. With 10 years of physical and information security experience, and a background of Contractor Special Security Officer and Facility Security Officer positions backing him, Brandon offers his own unique diversity of hands on and knowledge based expertise in both the locksmith and government arenas.

Ellis Gibbs
Technical Instructor

Having been introduced to locksmithing in 1988 through Tom Gallian, Ellis worked for the next nine years learning the safe and locksmith trade. He then started his own company in Smithfield N.C. as a safe technician and locksmith. In 1992 he received his XO-7 certification and began working on various military bases. Ellis became a factory certified instructor for Kaba-Mas X-O8, X-O9,and X-10 locks. Along with safes and locks Ellis also worked with access control and CCTV. Ellis has been a member of the Safe and Vault Technician Association since 1998.

Nate Garland
Technical Instructor

Nathaniel started off in the building trade at an early age. He joined the United States Air Force where he was an F-16 Fighter jet crew chief for 7 years. He then left the service and went back to the building trade where he was introduced to locksmithing by a local locksmith and mentor. Nathaniel took the knowledge and started his own company Oil Region Locksmith & Security which specialized in locking systems, access control and CCTV, along with historical and commercial door installation, which is still running in northwestern Pennsylvania. He wanted to further his education and attended Lockmasters using his Post 9-11 VA Benefits and was introduced to the Lockmasters family. Nathaniel offers a wide range of locksmith and electronic access control/CCTV expertise as well as building trade.

John Cliber (Jac)
Technical Instructor

We're proud to welcome John A. Cliber (Jac) to the Lockmasters family as our Washington DC area Instructor and Technical Rep. Jac has an extension background in Physical Security, Locksmithing as well as GSA Safes & Vaults. He began his security career in the early 1980's as a Facility Locksmith & Key Control Officer for a Correctional Facility then became a commercial locksmith in the Maryland, Virginia and DC areas. Later he joined the DoD Lock Program's GSA Testing & Evaluation Progrom for Physical Security Equipment. Most recently Jac worked on a large campus in Northern Virginia in the Physical Security Engineering Department. We know Jac will be a great resource for our students as well as DC area customers.

Randy Mize
PUREAuto Instructor

With over 30 years as an automotive locksmith, Randy has made transponders and high-security his priority. In addition to his own locksmith business in St. Louis, Randy is also a consultant to aftermarket tool manufacturers and O.E. automobile manufacturers. Randy is responsible for many innovations in the automotive locksmith industry, and is continues to develop new tools and software for the industry. He is the inventor of the Lockmasters' High-Security Flip Pick and the Mercedes Drill Template.

Brian Lamb
Electronic Safe Lock Instructor

Brian brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject of safes. He has been with Lockmasters, Inc. for 25 years. He has served as a customer service representative, full time instructor at Lockmasters Security Institute for 5 years where he taught their safe and vault related and GSA classes. He has shared his knowledge around the United States, as well as many countries around the world. Brian is an ALOA ace instructor. He is a member of Safe and Vault Technicians Association. He is also a member of the Savta Hall of Fame. Brian's current position with Lockmasters is Sales Manager for safe lock's, safe tools, safe deposit locks, and safe deposit tools.

Kevin Moores
LKM7000 and S&G 2740 Certifications

Kevin has over 25 years experience on the Lockmasters' team. He has spent the last ten years developing products for and expanding on the products Lockmasters offers it's Government and Industrial clients. Kevin has tremendous knowledge of government regulations and high security products utilized by the United States government. He brings years of field experience in regards to the LockOne LKM7000 Lock Series into the classroom. He is a trained Sargent & Greenleaf 2740 instructor. He currently oversees the technical support and training cleasses for our Government Sales Department.

Seth Blumberg
LKM7000 and S&G 2740 Certifications

Seth Blumberg has been a locksmith & safe technician for most of his life. After spending time in the military, he worked for several lock shops in Michigan and Arizona. He opened Interstate Lock & Safe in 1987. He started teaching X-07, X-08 & X-09 for Kaba Mas in 1992. He also teaches our S&G 2740 and LKM7000 courses and is an ACE instructor for ALOA. Seth is also an instructor for fire door inspectors. His certifications include GSA inspector and safe tech along with many others. He is a SAVTA and ALOA member. Seth brings to his classroom extensive knowledge and experience in government security through this work for many government agencies and the classes he conducts for their personnel.

Ron Kay
LKM7000 Certifications

Ron initially began his career working with the government during his 11 years in the US Navy as a machinist, working in machine shops both on-board ship and ashore. During the last 3 years of his time in the Navy he took a particular interest in locksmithing. While stationed in Hawaii, the Navy sent him to Lockmasters to be trained in general locksmithing and, more specifically, GSA container opening, repair and servicing. While stationed in Hawaii, Ron gained valuable experience. He provided safe and GSA service for all surface ships home ported at Pearl Harbor, ships transiting through the area and 5 separate military bases. In 1993, ron left the Navy and returned to the Denver area, taking a job with a local locksmithing company. When that company's owner retired in 2004, it was purchased by Mathias Lock and Key. Ron continued with Mathias primarily working with safes and GSA Containers. In 2005, Ron went back to school to become certified as a GSA Container and Vault Inspector with additional training in the LKM7000 Lock Series of SCIF locks. In 2011, Ron became certified as a LKM7000 Certified Instructor and now travels throughout the country certifying other installers and working on GSA containers and vaults.

Scott Said
Electronic Safe Lock Servicing & Defeat Instructor

Scott joined the Lockmasters team in 1998 and has been an invaluable member of our Safe Lock Department. His knowledge of electronic and mechanical safe locks and hands-on experience with safe locks, as well as, safe deposit locks makes him an ideal safe lock instructor. Scott also has a number of lock manufacturer certifications as well as attended all of our Security Institutes safe courses. He has been sharing his experience and training in the classroom for years.

Jon Payne, Sr., CPP, CML
Adjunct Technical Instructor

Jon Payne has been employed in the security industry since 1969. Prior to joining Lockmasters he was one of the founders of the small company that ultimately became Onity, one of the largest producers of electronic hotel locks. His responsibilities at Onity included the corporate university, product development, product testing and product certification. Prior positions include president of Locksoft, Inc, a software firm that developed custom software for the lock and hardware industry, and president of Professional Lockmasters Inc., a lock & security company in Maryland, which he founded in 1975.

During his 35 year career, Jon has instructed numerous seminars on physical security and other industry topics to homeowners, police departments, locksmith associations, and corporate employees.  He is a retired Certified Protection Professional (CPP) (ASIS) and is one of the first two locksmiths in the country to achieve the ALOA designation of Certified Master Locksmith (CML).

LSI Physical Security Instructors

Bobby Earl Ricks, CPP
Instructor - Legal Specialist

In addition to being an LSI Instructor, Bobby is also a Certified Instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice. He retired as the Attorney Supervisor of the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. He previously served as Chief of the Legal Division at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. He has trained law enforcement officers at the federal, state and local levels, has published articles and produced training films. He is a Certified Protection Professional. He received his Police Administration degree from Eastern Kentucky University and his law degree from the University of Memphis. Bobby has practical experience in surveillance as a Police Officer and as a Special Agent,Federal Bureau of Investigation,Special Agent,Former Federal Bureau of Investigation,FBI,.


Jeffrey A. Dingle, CPP
Instructor - Security Specialist

At LSI, Jeff has developed various highly specialized physical security courses now in play including CSST on Jeff started his career with the Department of Defense as a special agent and criminal investigator with the NSA Office of Security. While working with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, he developed the Advanced Physical Security Training Program and the Physical Security Managers Training Program. For 11 years Jeff was the Director of Protective Operations for the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also been a Corporate Security Manager with Home Depot. Jeff is a Certified Protection Professional and has a Bachelor's degree in Criminology from Florida State University. Jeff is also one of our nations top 25 security professionals as voted by his peers and Security Magazine.