Physical Security SCIF Construction ICD-705


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SCIF Training

Course Description

This 5 day course provides you with the information needed to identify, interpret, and apply common Intelligence Community standards for building, maintaining and operating a SCIF as prescribed in policy directive, ICD 705 and its associated Intelligence Community Standards (ICS), Technical Specifications and other related national policy documents. The Training Program will also provide a collaborative environment for other USG policy developers, such as the DoD/SAP community, that embrace the same basic policy goals and implementation for SAPF. ThisProgram will provide valuable security hardware and construction knowledge.

Who Should Attend

LSI's SCIF Training course is ideal for individuals who are interested (or required) in advancing their career by learning how to build, maintain and operate a SCIF. Prospective students are:

- Locksmiths - GSA Technician/Inspector - Safe and Vault Technician - A&E Facility Managers - USG Accrediting Offices
- Security Manager - Access Control Technician - Military Support Personnel - Contractor Special Officer (CSSO)
- IT Specialist - Facility Security Officer (FSO) - Special Security Officer (SSO) - Security Contractors


Interpretation of National Policy documents: ICD 705, ICS 705-1, ICS 705-2, SCIF Technical Specifications, and other National Policy documents.
Oversight of construction based on SCIF specifications
Identify security hardware requirements
Improved Knowledge base of SCIF technical security requirements

Subjects Covered

Interpretation of National Policy documents: ICD 705, ICS 705-1, ICS 705-2, SCIF Technical Specifications, and other National Technical Security Policy.

Commercial constructions techniques:
- Wall, door, duct, window and other acoustic security.
- RF emanation security
- Blueprint reading
- A&E certification benefits

Improved knowledge of security hardware and systems associated with a SCIF:
- Combination Locks
- GSA safes & vault doors
- Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
- Access Control; mechanical & electronic
- CCTV and more
Required documentation for SCIF accreditation
- Construction security plan
- Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC)
- UL Certification
- TEMPEST Survey Form

Other areas not listed here.

Course Includes

LSI Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility Manual


Course Benefits
Gain the LSI Advantage with this Unique information, available only at LSI.

Course Details

Length: 5 Days
Course #: LSI 126
Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $2,000.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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