Professional Locksmithing


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Course Description

This 10-day hands-on course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of locks and a fundamental base to becoming a professional locksmith. The training in this course will provide you with the skills necessary to become a competent technician who can service, install, trouble shoot and master key most commercial, industrial, and residential key lock systems. You will learn the capabilities and vulnerabilities of the key lock systems used in class. This knowledge will allow you to properly plan the installation of security hardware for any situation.

Who Should Attend

LSI's Professional Locksmithing course is ideal for individuals who have never had formal training or for those who are interested in making a career change in the highly competitive and stable field of Locksmithing and Security. Prospective students are:

- Field Security Officer - Security Manager - Access Control Technician
- Locksmith - Military Support Personnel - Security Contractors
- IT Specialist - Security Consultants - GSA Technician/Inspector


Identifying keys by manufacture, design, and type
Rekey pin tumbler style locking systems
Service and maintenance for pin tumbler style locking systems
Door preparation and lock installation
Hand file keys to known depth and space data
General use and calibration of key duplicating and originating machines
Employment of several lock by-pass techniques to include: picking, impressioning, bumping and tool specific by-pass.
Master key system creation and implementation
Understanding of high security lock systems
Install and service utility style cam locks

Subjects Covered

Key blank identification
Lock identification
Hand filing
Door preparation and drilling
Lock installation
Lock functions
Lock picking
Lock impressioning
Master keying
Small format interchangeable cores (BEST)
ASSA high security locks
Mortise lock tear down and servicing
Disc lock installation and picking (Utility cam locks)
Kaba Unican mechanical pushbutton locks
Key Duplicators
Code cutting equipment and software

Course Includes
LSI Professional Locksmith manual
Lab .003 universal pinning kit
Basic hand tools and tool bag
4 brand new cylindrical locksets
Lock pick set

Course Details

Length: 10 Days
Course #: LSI 150
Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $2,900.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.