ProLock 3: Door & Lock Entry Techniques


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Course Description

This 5 day course provides the students with the tools and knowledge necessary to surreptitiously, covertly and with some forced entry techniques defeat locking systems. Through lecture and laboratory participation, this course examines a variety of pin tumbler, wafer and combination locks.

Students will learn picking skills, lock impressioning skills, combination lock manipulation skills, key clamming skills, bypass skills and more.

Who Should Attend

The ideal students for this training are those that are looking to gain knowledge and proficiency with alternate entry techniques:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Police
  • Special Ops

Experienced Locksmith or those organizations wanting to train their Security Staff to inspect their own security for unauthorized entry or egress. These individuals may be:

  • Facility Security Officers
  • Security Managers
  • Security Consultants who have general locksmith experience.

Due to the nature of this course, some applicants may not be permitted enrollment.
Prerequisite- ProLock I or equal experience

  • Identify pin tumbler & wafer locks
  • Identify a multitude of defeat/bypass tools and related equipment
  • Determine the handing and function of doors and locks
  • Understand and apply the correct procedures to defeat these locks
  • Identify various aids and tools used to make key blanks and key replication
  • Be more than competent in the use of these various aids and tools
  • Enter the target facility, take control of the asset and exit the target facility without leaving evidence of entry
Subjects Covered
  • Basic locksmithing skills
  • Lock picking & Impressioning
  • Pin tumbler bumping
  • Decoding pin tumblers
  • Decoding wafers
  • Clamming keys & decoding
  • Photography of keys and decoding
  • Duplication of keys with files
  • Duplicating keys with key duplicating machines
  • Code cutting keys files & key code machines
  • Defeating padlocks
  • Safe & padlock manipulation
  • Pushbutton lock manipulation
Course Includes
Extensive Tool Kit - valued at over $1,000.00


Course Benefits
Covers KSA Requirements for:
OPM Grade 9 Locksmith
NEC 9583 Locksmith

Course Details

Length: 5 Days
Course #:
Prerequisite: ProLock 1 or equiv.
Tuition: $2,500.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

Certificates & Diplomas