Physical Surveillance



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 Physical Surveillance

Course Description

Physical Surveillance is a core competency that must be exercised regularly to ensure mission success, personal security, and operational security.

In order to provide expert training, instructors must be knowledgeable in current tactics, techniques and procedures utilized in physical and technical surveillance activities from an offensive and defensive perspective. Our surveillance experts from law enforcement, the intelligence community, and special operations have decades of experience.This experience includes operators/operatives that have conducted successful surveillance against high value targets, maintained surveillance detection awareness against hostile surveillance activities, and are expert in operational tradecraft utilized by adversaries that include terrorists, foreign intelligence services, and criminals. Our subject matter experts have demonstrated their skills in both homeland and overseas operations and continue to demonstrate their expertise conducting real world operations.We provide the "right sized" number of instructors and role players that can vary from small packages for basic courses or refresher training to larger packages that will force the student to "live" with surveillance in a realistic scenario. LSI will customize a program that will exceed client's expectations. Further information is available upon request.

Who Should Attend

Those with a "Need To Know".


This course provides principles and techniques to effectively conduct tactical team oriented surveillances. Students will conduct discreet physical surveillance. Focus is on utilizing a team approach in vehicular, foot, and stationary scenarios. Basic physical surveillance techniques will be examined, with major emphasis placed on counter surveillance techniques and situational awareness/tactical decision making.

Subjects Covered

Course Content

Major disciplines covered are Situational Awareness, Stationary Surveillance, Foot and Vehicular Surveillance, Surveillance in Public Locations, Surveillance on Public Transportation, Night Surveillance Operations, Disguise and Observation Principles, Active and Passive Surveillance Detection Techniques, Counter-Surveillance and Aviation Assisted Surveillance.

Course Detail

This course is designed to train qualified military operators, intelligence operators, and law enforcement personnel in techniques of conducting physical surveillance. The class will be required to determine operational objectives of those under surveillance. It includes classroom and extensive street practical exercises to ensure that surveillance skills are clearly understood, properly applied, and tested.

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Course Details

Length: 5 Days
Course #: PS1
Prerequisite: None
Credits: NA


Tuition: $2,750.
Optional College Credit Fee: NA
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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