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Course Description

Become certified on the proper methods for installing, servicing and maintaining the Kaba Mas X-09 & LKM7000 Lock Series on SCIF doors.

Who Should Attend

Technicians who need governmental certification, or technicians desiring certification for private sector.

- Safe and Vault Technicians - GSA Technicians / Inspectors


Understand the requirements of SCIF Construction.
Identify a variety of doors and door hardware.
Identify the mechanical and electromechanical components of the LKM 7000.
Install the LKM 7000 High Security Lock Extension, Pedestrian Door Deadbolt on a door.
Understand the principle operating procedures of the Kaba Mas X-09.
Dial combinations and change combinations on the Kaba Mas X-09.
Install the Kaba Mas X-09 Lock onto the LKM 7000 High Security Lock Extension, Pedestrian Door Deadbolt.

Subjects Covered

FF-L-2740A Introduction
Installation of the LKM7000 SERIES and Installation Fixture
Installing the X-09
Measuring & Cutting Tubes
Installation of the Dial Ring
Installation & Connecting Cables
Positioning Cable Guides
Installation of the Dial Ring Cover
Measuring & Cutting the Spindle
Installation of the Dial Hub & Dial
Final Installation of the Back Cover Assembly
Uninstalling the X-09

Course Includes

LockOne Manual


Course Benefits
Gain certification in one of the most secure methods for SCIF access.
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
-- SCIF Training 5 Day Course    
-- Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing 5 Day Course 2 Credit Hours  
-- Access Control 10 Day Course 4 Credit Hours  

Course Details

Length: 2 Days
Course #: LSI 132
Prerequisite: None
Credits: NA


Tuition: $550.
Optional College Credit Fee: NA
One-Time Enrollment Fee: NA

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