Combination Lock Manipulation


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Combination Lock Manipulation

Course Description
This course will teach you how to use the design flaws in mechanical combination locks to manipulate the wheels and components to obtain a lock’s combination while opening the locking mechanism. All mechanical locks have factory defects, known as tolerances, which allows them to be manipulated. This is a noninvasive method for obtaining access to a safe as well as retrieve the combination.
Who Should Attend

The ideal students for this training are those that prefer an alternative to drilling a safe or vault which may also include repairs, or for technicians who want to understand the more complex and in-depth workings of the lock and be capable of determining the combination by manipulation, without drilling the lock.

The objective of this course is to give the lock and safe technicians a cost and time saving option to drilling combination locks. The basic techniques used in this course were originally developed by Harry Miller in the late 1940’s. Students taking this course use dialing techniques and combination lock design and diagnostic information from the pre-requisite Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing class to give them sight, sound and feel needed in determining lock combinations.
Subjects Covered
  What makes manipulation possible
  Manufacturing tolerances
  Manipulation aids
  Contact points & taking readings
  Working with graph & true center graphs
  Third wheel fly interface
  Manipulation of a variety of combination locks
  Advanced manipulation techniques
  Straight tail piece locks
  Sentry Safes
Course Includes
  Manual & Lock Charts
  Manipulation Graphs
Course Benefits
  NEC 9583 Locksmith
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
Professional Locksmithing 10 Day Course
Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing 5 Day Course

Course Details

Length: 4 Days
Course #: LSI 152
Tuition: $880.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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