Professional Safe Lock Opening


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Basic Safe Penetration

Course Description
This hands-on course was developed for advanced technicians desiring safe opening and penetration skills. This course is designed to teach you the tools and skills to accurately locate and drill into a safe lock to defeat the lock without damaging the integrity of the malfunctioning safe.
Who Should Attend

LSI's Professional Safe Lock Opening course is ideal for individuals who are interested in advancing their career by learning how to professionally neutralize a safe. Prospective students are:

- Locksmiths - GSA Technician/Inspector - Safe and Vault Technicians

Students will be instructed how to set-up and use safe opening and drilling equipment such as Lockmasters Litte Black Box, JumpBox and fixed template drill and lever rigs. Barrier materials and the drill bits required to penetrate those barriers will be introduced to you. You will plan how to “attack” a safe with instructor supervision and make several openings over the three day period including: fence shot, borescope, internal relocker, external relocker, lever/bolt screw. /td>
Subjects Covered
  • Combination lock orientation, identification and specifics

  • Establishment of safe type, construction & bolt work configuration

  • Hardplate and material types

  • Drill point determination & penetration of various hardplate materials

  • Service & correctly repair drilled safes

  • Non-drill methods for opening electronic safe locks include: LaGard 33E, LG Basic II, S&G 6120, Kaba Mas Auditcon 252, Lp Locks RotoBolt, SecuRam Biometric and more

Course Includes

LSI Professional Safe Lock Opening Manual
Tool Kit

Course Details

Length: 3 Days
Course #: LSI 151
Tuition: $675.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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