Automotive Opening


4 Hour

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Automotive Opening

Course Description

This class is a four hour introduction to vehicle openings. The featured tool kit for this class is the Tech Train Quick Entry Master Locksmith Automotive Opening Kit. Students will have the ability to purchase the kit in conjunction with the class and use the kit during the hands-on portion of the class. Students who have already purchased a kit, no matter the manufacturer, are encouraged to bring their kit with them. Topics covered will include electronic door locks with automatic relocking, indexing and laminated glass precautions, door linkage styles, proper use of air bag and reach tool, jiggler and pick key use, and instruction manual comprehension.

Who Should Attend

This half-day course is an extention of Professional Locksmithing, and is designed to get you into a vehicle
as fast as possible. A highly recommended, optional skill addition.

- Emergency Services Personnel - Auto Industry Personnel - Locksmiths
- Field Security Officer - Security Manager - Military Support Personnel


Students will use vehicle make and model or VIN number information to quickly research specific opening techniques for a target vehicle. Using the methods and tools discussed in class, students will be given the opportunity to open vehicles in the parking lot while in an instructional environment. Instructor(s) will work with students one-on-one, laying out an opening plan for a target vehicle and overseeing the successful opening.

Subjects Covered

Professional Automotive Opening Methods-- Hands-On

Course Includes
Tool Options:
- Purchase kit (see tuition)
- Use LSI's kit
- Bring an equivalent kit


Course Benefits
An invaluable skillset for additional income opportunities or emergency services work.

Course Details

Length: 4 Hour
Course #: LSI 149
Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $200. without toolkit
Tuition: $550. with toolkit
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

if not enrolled in Professional Locksmithing.

Certificates & Diplomas