Kaba Mas X-10 and S&G 2740B Neutralization


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X-10 SG2740B Drilling Class

Course Description

This 2 day course will show the student how to properly plan an attack on a GSA container and make an FS-809B approved, Method 1 opening. This course will specifically target current production FF-L- 2740B locks, to include the Kaba-Mas X10 and the S&G 2740B. During the course, students will learn approved opening methods, manufacturer approved drill points, hard plate types, drill bit options, tool and equipment options, and other drill related criteria.

Who Should Attend

Any technician that desires the skills to drill approved FF-L-2740B locks

---- "Need To Know"
- GSA Technician/Inspector - Safe and Vault Technicians


Students will leave the class with the knowledge and skill to open FF-L-2740B approved locks using FS-809B, Method 1 opening.

Subjects Covered

Approved opening methods of FF-L-2740B locks
Manufacturer drill points
Hard plate types
Drill bit, tool and equipment options

Course Includes

Training Materials


Course Benefits
Stay current with today's most prevalent high security locks.
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
-- Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing 5 Day Course 2 Credit Hours  
-- LockOne- LKM7000 & X-09 Certification 2 Day Course    
-- Combination Lock Manipulation 5 Day Course 1 Credit Hour  

Course Details

Length: 2 Days
Course #:
Prerequisite: GSA container drilling experience required
Credits: 2 Hours


Tuition: $1150.
Optional College Credit Fee: Call
One-Time Enrollment Fee: NA.

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