Safe Moving and Installation


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Safe Moving Class

Course Description
This class is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and classroom experience to safely move and install a variety of safes. The 2 day class will provide hands-on training using safe moving equipment and its proper use. Students will be working with safes that weigh between 200 lbs. and 3500 + lbs. Class exercises include receiving and unpacking, safe set-up and leveling, safe removal and palletizing for shipping, along with proper loading and unloading techniques.
Who Should Attend

LSI's Safe Moving and Installation course is ideal for individuals who are interested in getting into this profitable area of safe work. Prospective students are:

- Locksmiths - Safe and Vault Technicians

Students will leave the class with the knowledge and skills to safely move and install new or used safes.
Subjects Covered
  • Safety Equipment

  • Moving Equipment

  • Safe set-up and leveling

  • Palletizing

  • Loading and unloading techniques

Course Includes


Course Benefits
LSI Diploma    
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
-- Combination Lock Manipulation 5 Day Course 1 Credit Hours  
-- Group 1 Lock Manipulation 5 Day Course 2 Credit Hours  

Course Details

Length: 2 Days
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Tuition: $600.
GSA Schedule Tuition: $600.
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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